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What Are The Career Prospects of The Diploma of Community Services?

Do you want to help others and create a positive impact in the society? Or looking for a prosperous job field where you can communicate with people and help them lead a more comfortable and happier life? Then community service is the perfect field for you.

Community Service as The Job Sector

Community services is Australia’s second largest employer and is growing rapidly. It provides a variety of medical, residential, and social assistance services to help us all, and it is also responsible for our communities’ well-being and independence. As a community service worker, you’ll get the opportunity to various set-up.

The Australian community services industry employs 62,200 people and pays a weekly wage of $1,328. And in next five years, the number of community workers is expected to grow rapidly, reaching 73,300 by 2025.

Career Opportunity

The Diploma of Community Services graduates are qualified to work in a wide range of community service settings, including community work, mental health and counselling, aged care, disability services, family services, child protection, drug education, youth work, advocacy, schools, housing and community development, crisis intervention, and others.
Community service jobs can be found all over Australia and in a variety of departments, including non-profit organizations, the government, and the private sector.

The Diploma of Community Services opens up a plethora of opportunities and broadens your horizons. Let’s talk about the jobs you could get with this degree. You can work as a

  • Community Services Worker
  • Community Care Manager
  • Team Leader
  • Family Services Coordinator
  • Program Coordinator
  • Care Team Leader
  • Coordinator of Volunteer Work
  • Support Facilitator (Community Services)
  • Counsellor

Community workers, who are essential to community services, are in high demand in Australia right now. The specialized skills, knowledge, and real-world experience you will gain while studying for the Diploma of Community Services. The course will qualify you for higher-paying jobs in this field.

This qualification is unique in that it provides a solid foundation while also allowing you to move around the industry as your career progresses.

After completing this qualification, you will have the knowledge and skills needed to continue on to the Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management or a related course.

When you pursue a career in community service, you give others hope for a brighter future. Learn the skills you need from our CHC52015 Diploma of Community Services course and enjoy the best facilities. You can learn and become certified at your own pace.