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What does CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support offer?

Thinking about building your career in the healthcare industry? Want to acquire certification for your skills? Certificate III in Individual Support (CHC33015 ) can make your wish come true. 

Now you can get the qualifications and academic proof of your skill with a suitable course curriculum at your preferable pace. 

What is individual support?

Individual support is a service that provides personalized support to people who require assistance with activities, daily requirements, and the development or acquisition of skills. Individual support empowers and enables people to make their own decisions about which services are best for them. It is adaptable so that people receive assistance. To put it simply, individual support gives people more freedom and confidence about their decisions and actions when they need assistance.

As one in five people in Australia is an elderly person, they need the support of the youth to continue their life with confidence. With individual support, one can build a promising career and help older people ease their worries and pain simultaneously.

Why is individual support important?

Every individual has the right to get the attention and care they need to live a peaceful and comfortable life. In any stage of life, with any difficulty, people need support. Especially the elderly people, when doing regular tasks becomes tiresome for them. 

Individual support lets them feel loved and acknowledged. It is also helpful to build trust and confidence. Healthcare professionals make troubles easier to handle and cheer up the mood of elderly people with individual support. Individual support can ensure their safety and comfort when a person needs one-to-one care or individual assistance.

CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support

This certification describes the duties of individuals who work in residential or community settings and adhere to individualized plans to provide person-centred support to individuals who may need assistance due to age, disability, or other factors. 

Support work involves making decisions, exercising discretion regarding individual support and accepting accountability for one’s outputs. 

Workers possess various factual, technical, and procedural knowledge in addition to the theoretical understanding of the principles and procedures necessary to offer person-centred support.

To achieve this qualification, the candidate must have finished at least 120 hours of work, as specified in the assessment requirements for the units of competency.

What you’ll learn

You will learn fundamental skills and knowledge for caring for the elderly in this course, which will also assist you in understanding the aged care industry. 

You will gain knowledge on how to interact with a variety of people, identify bodily functions, and assist those who are suffering from dementia.

You will learn fundamental skills and knowledge for caring for the elderly in this course, which will also assist you in understanding the aged care industry. 

You will learn how to interact with various people, recognize bodily functions, assist those with dementia, and empower and facilitate independence in your clients.

Career opportunities

One of the thriving job markets in Australia is the care industry, particularly the aged care sector. According to the statistics, Australia’s population has grown significantly, especially among those 65 and older. So the need for individual carers is also on the rise. There are plenty of opportunities for part-time employment, enabling flexible scheduling or a combination of jobs. Employers look for candidates who have compassion, excellent English skills, and customer service skills. By completing the CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support qualification, graduates can build their careers as

  • Home Care Assistant
  • Aged care worker
  • personal care worker
  • personal carer
  • support worker 

Why should you choose Arizona?

Arizona provides training that is interactive and designed to improve practical skills. We also practice for actual circumstances. One can compete for rewarding career opportunities in personal care, respite care, household care, and community care after completing specific aged care courses.

Students can choose their mode of course to complete this certification. 

In Arizona, participants get the opportunity to build their skills, get recognition and acquire field experience in a friendly environment.

We consider the circumstances of every individual student and try to provide the best facilities for everyone.

Participants will get the most favourable environment to learn the skills without encountering any stress or obstacles.