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Where Can I Work after Studying Disabilities?

A degree in disability studies provides students work in a wide range of career opportunities in the disability field. As public awareness and acceptance of the disabled has grown, so has the size of the disabled workforce. Are you looking for some good ideas on how to use that disability studies degree after graduation and enter this work field? Continue reading to learn about four excellent job opportunities for those with this valuable degree.

Developmental Disabilities Case Manager

Developmental delays can affect anyone at any age, from childhood to adulthood. These delays can be of both mental and physical nature, and their severity can vary greatly. Typically, the families of these individuals seek the assistance of an outside organization to help manage and improve the disability. The professional in charge of these people’s cases is the developmental disabilities case manager. The disabled are viewed as patients who must be managed interactively and gradually by the professionals.

Director of Disability Services

The director of disability services advocates for and enforces government standards and practices throughout the establishment and its properties. As a disability service director, you’ll need to ensure all disabled person gets the opportunity and facilities they deserve. This critical management position is in charge of all signage, accessibility issues, ramps, parking, on-site communications accommodations, and other responsibilities. 


We live in a time of constant learning new things. Research is the scientific tool that will allow us to do this correctly. The degree holder in disability studies is an excellent fit for research positions involving disabilities. There are numerous topics to investigate here; including sociological aspects, pathways to overcoming various disabilities, pathways to overcoming various disabilities, the efficacy of disability standards in various settings and much more. As a disability researcher, the graduate contributes significantly to our future understanding of these issues.

Direct Support Professional

A direct support professional provides therapeutic and assistive services to those in need on the ground level. The direct support professional is the one teaching and assisting the disabled clients and their families. They help with self-sufficiency, healthy habits, ways to work with disability, and so on. They typically work under the guidance and planning of a case manager. This is an excellent job for those who enjoy doing hands-on work and seeing the results of their efforts firsthand.

Working in the field of disabilities is a noble and respectable profession. These career options are just a sampling of the many options available in this field. The opportunities are endless. You can work in the healthcare in various settings. 

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