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4 Reasons You Should Study Individual Support

One of the industries in Australia with the highest growth is the aged care and disability assistance services sector. It’s an excellent time to think about a career in individual support because the number of people who need support is expanding over time and the nation’s ageing population is accelerating. Here are 4 good reasons to pursue a Certificate III in Individual Support as your next step in your career.

There is an Urgent Need for Workers as the Industry is Booming.

An estimated 4.3 million Australians live with a handicap of some kind. Although the business has a high demand for personnel in aged care and individual support, the supply of competent workers is unbalanced. In order to meet this rising need, up to 90,000 full-time individual support workers would be required in the next five years, according to research findings by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). It goes without saying that this sector offers a lot of employment options. There are several different job outcomes, including:

  • Older Care Worker 
  • Direct care providers, 
  • personal caregivers, 
  • employees of disability services, 
  • home helpers

Contribute to Making a Difference

Without a question, a career in the aged care and disability support services sector will be satisfying and gratifying. In a daily support role for one person, your responsibilities would include preserving the wellbeing and ensuring a high standard of living for the person you are supporting. You will be able to personally see how your work affects people’s lives. 

You frequently don’t see this in other industries, but working with someone to develop or keep specific skills can be satisfying. With a Certificate III in Individual Support, you’ll be able to assist many different people by doing the following:

  • Arranging outings and other events
  • Creating and putting into practice plans to boost their independence
  • Managing household chores like cooking, shopping, cleaning, and menu planning
  • Assisting people in keeping in touch with their loved ones, friends, and advocates
  • Assisting people in developing and maintaining safety in personal care, health care, and hygiene.

A Certificate III in Individual Support includes a wide range of living activities, and via them and many more, you’ll be able to improve someone’s daily life.

Improve Your Communication Techniques

Working as an individual support worker, you will collaborate closely not just with your client (the person who needs help), but also with those who have a stake in their wellbeing, such as their family, social service providers, the government, and medical experts. This indicates that a job in this field will significantly aid in the improvement of your interpersonal and communication abilities.

Offers an Excellent Foundation of Transferrable Abilities

A personalised assistance course can give you the fundamental abilities needed in today’s workplaces. You can acquire the information and skills necessary to deliver high-quality individual care in a variety of community settings by completing more than 12 unique units. These environments include aged care facilities as well as home care, community care, disability support, and others. Since the majority of community organisations work in one or more of these critical care sectors, earning this qualification will teach you transferrable skills that you may apply in a number of situations.

Where do I Begin?

The great news is that, regardless of prior experience, anyone can begin working in the community services industry. Certificate III in Individual Support will help you gain a more comprehensive grasp of the industry, and these credentials can increase your chances of landing management or team leader positions. Contact Arizona college to enjoy the best service and get started with your career.